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Downloadable documents relating to the Badman Review

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Download this file (Ed Balls to Graham Badman 110609.pdf)Ed Balls to Graham Badman 110609.pdfLetter from Ed Balls to Graham Badman, 11/06/091257 Kb
Download this file (DowtyEOHEAS040709.pdf)DowtyEOHEAS040709.pdfMeeting between Dowty/EO/HEAS 04/07/200948 Kb
Download this file (IanDowtyReviewDocument.pdf)IanDowtyReviewDocument.pdfIan Dowty's response to the Badman review0 Kb
Download this file (Roland Meighan response to the Badman Report.pdf)Roland Meighan response to the Badman Report.pdfRoland Meighan's response to the Badman report40 Kb
Download this file (CSF-Bill_Impact-Assessment.pdf)CSF-Bill_Impact-Assessment.pdfChildren, Schools and Families BIll - an impact assessment prepared by the DCSF and Ministry of Justice459 Kb
Download this file (BULLET POINT EXPOSEv2.pdf)BULLET POINT EXPOSEv2.pdfA Critique of the Data Presented to the Enquiry into the 2009 Review of Elective Home Education in England - Berlow/Cox497 Kb
Download this file (Briefing Paper.pdf)Briefing Paper.pdfBriefing paper on the Home Education proposals in the Children, Schools and Families Bill (Dec. 2009)278 Kb
Download this file (badreviewfaq.pdf)badreviewfaq.pdfBadman Review FAQs87 Kb
Download this file (8318-DCSF-HomeEdReviewBMK.PDF)8318-DCSF-HomeEdReviewBMK.PDFReport to the Secretary of State on the Review of Elective Home Education in England - Graham Badman973 Kb
Download this file (advicehomeedparentseeMP.pdf)advicehomeedparentseeMP.pdfAdvice from a home educating parent on meetings with MPs32 Kb