The Charity

Education Otherwise is a charitable organisation that has been supporting home education now for over thirty years.

We aim to do this through community, information, and promotion.


Support and friendship amongst home educating families is of primary concern to EO. Our members receive a contact list which offers access to our extensive and ever-growing network of members. A quarterly national newsletter provides a regular link between EO and all our members, and a dedicated members' area on the website also offers a forum for shared support and experience. We also help families to make contact with any local group operating in their area, so that they can meet up with other families for regular get-togethers and outings.


Young girl trying her hand at archeryOur website contains information on the most up to date laws affecting home educators, as well as aiming to provide resources, useful links, and general information for anyone looking into educating their child otherwise than at school. In addition, our network of over 100 volunteer Local Contacts offer support and practical information at a local level. They can also refer you to specialists within EO if necessary, e.g. special needs, dyslexia, school ‘phobia’, legal.



We are committed to raising public awareness that in the UK schooling is not compulsory - education is. We seek to ensure that all parents understand their right to choose the form of education that their child receives. Challenging common misconceptions, dispelling myths, and correcting inaccurate information about home education is something that all volunteers and members work to achieve, supported by the Media Team within the organisation.

"education otherwise" is Education Otherwise Association Ltd., Registered Charity No. 1055120. A company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales, No. 01917107.